Design and production of Hydraulic Manifolds

An hydraulic manifold is a manifold that regulates the flow of fluid between pumps and actuators and other components of an hydraulic system.

It is like an electrical panel in an electrical circuit because it allows to control the amount of fluid that flows between the components of a hydraulic machinery.

We design and create hydraulic manifolds, including valves and accessories, to integrate hydraulic circuits of any dimension and complexity in a compact and customized way.

  • Standard hydraulic manifolds;
  • Customized hydraulic manifolds, with CAD 3D design;
  • Different types of materials (Aluminium, cast iron, C40, AVP);
  • Painted and/or phosphated.
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Hydraulic Power Packs
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Hydraulic Manifolds
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic Components

Technical advice

Customer needs analysis and feasibility study of projects/products for companies of all sectors and sizes.


Development of projects starting from the hydraulic diagram up to the design of carpentry and mechanical parts.


Online/onsite assistance for identifying and solving breakdowns or malfunctions. Ordinary and extraordinary servicing.

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