Design and production of Compact Hydraulic Power Packs

Compact hydraulic power packs are systems composed of many elements, which transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The power is conveyed through a fluid (synthetic oil) contained into a tank, which is suctioned by a pump and pushed with pressure to the cyclinders through hydraulic distributor and control elements.

Compact hydraulic power packs consist of three groups:

  • Group which transforms elctrical energy into hydraulic energy (motor, pump, tank, accessories);
  • Group which regulates and distributes hydraulic energy (pressure relief valve, flow control valve and directional valves);
  • Group which transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors).

Our compact hydraulic power packs can be used for many application fields, such as:

BREAD-MAKING: in such field, our compact power pack consists of a 0,75 kw three-phase motor and a 6cc pump, which is used for puffed cakes machinery.

PLATFORMS FOR DISABLED: in such field, our compact and – most of all – customized power packs are used for special vehicles for lifting and transporting disabled people on wheelchair, by studying customized solutions for each kind of vehicle and need, thanks to DC motors which are powered by car battery and customized manifold.

LIFTING / LOADING PLATFORMS: in such field, our compact power packs are applied to lifting platforms and goods lifts. They can be manufactured with motors powered by 230V or 400V. Special hydraulic manifolds allow the lifting of material as well as people, thanks to an integrated circuit with accumulator and electric valves with tear-away emergency that allow operation even without electrical voltage.

These hydraulic power packs are Italian products and stand out for their high flexibility and versatility, for situations where it is not possible to use traditional hydraulic power packs, such as on particularly limited spaces. The modular system with a unique central manifold allows to create different customized settings, with high-level performances.

Our hydraulic circuits are designed and built in compliance with the following standards: Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC (Annex IIA), Low Voltage Directive (2006/95 / EC), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108 / EC).

CapacityccFrom 0,2 cc to 13 cc pressureBarUp to total 300 Bar
C.C. Engine Power – 12 VKwFrom 0,15 Kw to 2,1 Kw
C.C. Engine Power – 24 VKwFrom 0,15 Kw to 4,0 Kw
C.C. Engine Power – 48 VKwFrom 0,5 Kw to 4,0 Kw
C.A. Engine Power – 220/380 VKwFrom 0,25 Kw to 7,5 Kw
TankslFrom 0,7 to 100 litres
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Technical advice

Customer needs analysis and feasibility study of projects/products for companies of all sectors and sizes.


Development of projects starting from the hydraulic diagram up to the design of carpentry and mechanical parts.


Online/onsite assistance for identifying and solving breakdowns or malfunctions. Ordinary and extraordinary servicing.

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