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Hydraulics Products

High-quality hydraulic products for every industrial need

Discover the wide range of hydraulic products offered by Ciemme Hydraulic. We design and manufacture hydraulic power packs, mini power packs, manifolds and hydraulic components to meet a wide variety of industrial applications. Our large warehouse allows us to guarantee immediate availability and quick delivery. With our experience and use of state-of-the-art technology, we offer efficient and reliable solutions. Rely on Ciemme Hydraulic’s quality and innovation to optimize your operations with customized hydraulic systems.





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Power and precision for every industrial application, designed to last.



Production and repair of pipe fittings, testing and certification on pipe fittings.

Oleodinamica ODM offers a wide range of hydraulic components and parts to meet the needs of various industries. The extensive inventory has valves, pumps, motors, distributors, filters and more, ensuring immediate availability and customized solutions for every application.

Hydraulic Components and Parts

Oleodinamica ODM offers a wide selection of hydraulic components and spare parts to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your hydraulic systems.

The extensive inventory includes valves, distributors, pumps, motors, hydroguides, filters, accumulators, heat exchangers, fittings, and measuring instruments, all meeting the highest industry standards.

Hydraulic Pumps

ODM Oleodinamica offers a wide range of hydraulic pumps to meet different application needs. Our pumps, available in various models such as gear, vane and piston pumps, ensure reliability and energy efficiency. Used in sectors such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing, ODM pumps are designed for durability and high performance.

Hydraulic Motors

ODM Oleodinamica offers a wide range of hydraulic motors to meet different application needs. Our motors, available in orbital, gear and piston models, ensure reliability and energy efficiency. Used in sectors such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing, ODM motors are designed for durability and high performance.


We have a wide range of high-quality products and specialized consulting services to help you find the best solutions for your business.

In our Agristore, you can find spare parts and accessories for agricultural machinery, essential for keeping your tools efficient and ready for use. We also offer a selection of hydraulic components that are essential to ensure the proper operation of your systems and machinery. If you need tillage equipment, we have a full range of items designed to make your work easier and more productive.

We also stock technical parts for tractorsand garden machinery accessories, ensuring that every part of your farm equipment is always in perfect condition. For those dedicated to landscaping, we also offer high-quality gardening machines designed to stand the test of time and deliver excellent performance.

In addition to these specific products, you will also find a wide range of consumer items in our Agristore, such as workshop equipment, occupational safety products and materials for the wine industry. We are here to support you in every aspect of your agricultural and industrial activities, providing you with reliable products and professional consulting service.


We offer a wide range of pneumatic solutions to meet different industrial and production needs. In our assortment, you will find high-quality pneumatic components, such as automatic fittings (including INOX), technical hoses, solenoid valves, filtration and control units, pneumatic cylinders, and applications you request, all designed for efficiency and reliability. We have a large warehouse that enables us to offer prompt availability of products, ensuring fast delivery times. Our experts are always available to provide technical advice and support, helping you find the pneumatic solutions best suited to your specific needs.


We have a full range of high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic seals that are ideal for meeting the diverse needs of our customers. We have seals from the best national and international brands, ensuring maximum reliability and durability. Our products include rod and piston seals, guide rings, wipers, seal rings (oil seals) and O-rings, all available in various materials such as NBR, polyurethane, FPM and PTFE. Our large warehouse enables us to ensure ready availability of products, even in special executions, to respond promptly to specific customer requests. ODM's team of experts is always available to offer technical advice and help you find the right seals for your hydraulic or pneumatic applications, ensuring optimal, long-lasting operation of your systems.