Professionality, experience and innovation represent the philosophy of Ciemme Hydraulic, committed to the design of reliable, quality hydraulic systems

Ciemme Hydraulic is a leader in hydraulic system design, with over 20 years of experience in the design and development of hydraulic power units and hydraulic blocks.

Ciemme Hydraulic performs feasibility studies, design and supply of hydraulic systems in numerous application areas:

Aeronautics: aircraft systems, flaps, undercarriages, rudder, brakes
Marine: steering gear, winches, stabilizer fins, propeller keying
Vehicles: brakes, steering, active suspension
Industry: hydraulic presses, special machines
Earthmoving machinery: hydraulic excavators (as shown), loaders, dozers, backhoes
Agricultural machinery: tractors, combine harvesters, fruit or vegetable harvesters, liquid spraying machines, plows and various agricultural implements
Lifting equipment: elevators, hoists, forklifts, telehandlers, cranes
Railway systems: turnouts for high-speed lines
Municipal vehicles: street sweepers, garbage collection vehicles, dumpster washers

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